No Place On Earth



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Copyright 2019 FotoEvidence. All rights reserved.
Photographs Copyright© 2019 Patrick Brown
Main essay copyright © 2019 Jason Motlagh
Introduction essay copyright © 2019 Matthew Smith
Photo Editor: Stuart Smith, Claudia Paladini
and Patrick Brown
Design: SMITH, Allon Kaye, Gemma
ISBN: 978-1-7324711-1-5
No Place on Earth is the recipient of the 2019 FotoEvidence Book Award with World Press Photo. The Book Award is given each year to a photographer whose work demonstrates courage and commitment in documenting social injustice. 

Since 2017, photographer Patrick Brown has documented the world’s fastest growing refugee crisis and one of the most rapid human outflows in recent history. Risking death at sea or on foot, more than 700,000 Rohingya fled the destruction of their homes and persecution in the northern Rakhine State of Myanmar for neighbouring Bangladesh. Arriving at the makeshift camps, most refugees reported harrowingly consistent stories of murder and rape, all of which testify to a deliberate campaign of eradication. “No Place On Earth”provides an intimate portrait of the survivors of the recent persecution and their bleak conditions in overcrowded refugee camps.

The hardcover book No Place On Earth will contain 98 colour photographs with associated texts by Jason Motlagh an introduction by Matthew Smith director of Fortify Rights and the design by the renowned book designer Stuart Smith. To view a few pages from the book: click here

No Place On Earth was made possible with the support of the Grodzins Fund, World Press Photo, the Pulitzer Center, Fortify Rights and Fujifilm.


Trading to Extinction



Trading to Extinction











Trading to Extinction is a high quality photographic book, designed by one of the world’s leading book designers, Stuart Smith from London. The book was printed at one of the very best printing houses in the world, Editoriale Bortolazzi Stei (EBS) in northern Italy. To view a few pages from the book: click here

Book specifications

Published February 2014, by Dewi Lewis Publishing

ISBN: 978-1-907893-51-3
300mm x 225mm
168 pages, 115 duotone photographs,
150gsm Gardapat Kiara, a Hardback

By American Photography, Best Photobooks of 2014
Trading to Extinction limited edition

The limited edition is an edition of 150 signed copies which comes with a signed and numbered 8×10 inch fiber base print of the chained elephant. The edition number of the print matches the edition number of the book

Trading to Extinction signed copy (print not included)

Is a standard edition of Trading to Extinction signed by Patrick Brown

Trading to Extinction standard edition

No signature, no print and no number, but a wonderful copy of Trading to Extinction

Trading to Extinction can be order through PayPal and with all major credit cards, the price includes a $50 USD shipping and handling fee world wide, delivery in 7-10 working days with EMS.

Trading to Extinction

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